Light bar Arrow 145-2-150

Light bar Arrow 145-2-150
Price: 11980 UAH
Light bar with SGU Arrow 145-2-150 is designed for installation on the roof of the car.
Universal mount allows you to install the bar on any car.
The base is made of aluminum (no corrosion), body - from high-impact plastic. Speaker built-in lightbar.
Modification: two rotating reflectors
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Management of light and sound signals on the microphone of SGU
SGU Power: 150 Watt
4 tone sirens: WAIL, YELP, HI-LO, AIRHORN
Power supply: 12/24 V
Dimensions 1450 х 276 х 118 mm
The color of the light panel:
blue / blue
blue / red

Made in Ukraine.
Warranty 2 year.
Purchase identifier: 31518000-0

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